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Cryptocurrencies have become an attractive investment option for bullish investors but not for all. Our vision is to traditionalize this opportunistic investment by developing a diversified set of cryptocurrencies as an index that reflects the trend of a certain market segment so that everyone can start crypto investment without fear.


September 2017SynCryp Viewer Beta release

December 2017Near real-time charting

Our Team


Sawako Ohno

Strategy and Business Development

Being a business and strategy lead, Sawako has a wide-range of management consulting and quantitative research experience. After graduating from University of Tokyo, she started her career at Boston Consulting Group and later joined Google as an industry analyst. She is also involved in academia as a specially appointed researcher at University of Tokyo.


Kimitaka Nakazawa

Data Scientist

Kimitaka is a seasoned data scientist with a wide-range of quantitative research and machine learning experiences for various industries. After graduating from UC Berkeley, he started his career as an equity researcher at JP Morgan. Since then, data science has become his lifelong friend.


Sho Sawada

Lead Engineer, Blockchain Specialist

Being a technical co-founder, Sho has always been involved in wide-range of mission-critical projects. His past work includes applications and infrastructure engineering (such as high-load ad delivery systems and large scale SNS). More recently, his projects are centered around FinTech, as he is currently developing block-chain application and mobile payment systems.


CompanyANGO Pte. Ltd

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